Welcome to SIKO Food Logistics

When it comes to the safe transport of loose foodstuffs, we have been your partner since 1999.

We transport these foodstuffs:

We transport foodstuff powders and granules in bulk to the foodstuff processing industry.





Cocoa Powder




*Of course, we transport many other foodstuffs and their preliminary products as well.

Our services

  • We transport foodstuff powders and granules in bulk to the foodstuff processing industry.
  • We work in compliance with the guidelines of food hygiene HACCP and additionally meet the requirements according to GMP for the feed industry.

We transport the most important essential foodstuffs in bulk in Germany and Europe. Our focus is not just on road transport, but also on intermodal transport by ​​combining rail, road and barge.

To protect our environment. For a contemporary, extensive and cost-efficient range of transport options to our customers.

About SIKO Food Logistics

We transport the raw materials for your next pasta, chocolate bar, the whip on your ice cream or just your daily coffee.

Bulk foodstuffs such as coffee, sugar, salt, milk powder, flour or starch are the focus of our Siko Logistics offer.

We use our know-how, our manpower and many years of industry experience for a hygienic and flawless procurement and distribution of your products in Germany and throughout Europe.

Hygiene and cleanliness

The latest tank cleaning technology for a hygienically secure transport.

Hygiene, cleanliness and safety play an important role in the transport of foodstuffs.

After each transport, our silo vehicles and containers are cleaned in the super modern BAY CLEAN tank cleaning system, in accordance with the strictest hygienic, legal and environmental guidelines.

For more information about the cleaning process, visit our website www.bay-clean.de


We have been organizing and transporting your foodstuffs in silo vehicles and containers since 1999, both nationally as well as throughout Europe.

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